Let us be the “Easy” button.

We know that during this monumental change in our day to day activities you have more work on your plate than ever. We want to take this time to assist you.

Do you have patients that need health care but are refusing?

  • We can make that call for you and educate them on the importance of utilizing home health at this delicate time.
  • We can call those currently in the hospitals or Skilled nursing facilities to reduce foot traffic.

Do you have patients sitting at home without a way to see the doctor?

  • We can facilitate a F2F and / or virtual visits with the doctor once the patient is on service so they can get the care and attention they need.

Do you have patients that are afraid of people coming into their home for fear of the Coronavirus?

  • We can tailor our visits to have minimal contact points and combine with virtual visits utilizing our Telehealth system to improve the quality of care while bringing peace of mind to the patient and their family.

Contact us and find out what Kassy can do for you.




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